Still haven't tried online or mobile banking? There are many great benefits to online and mobile banking. Learn more about how online and mobile banking can make your life easier and simpler.

Last year, consumers were asked to stay home and encouraged to transition many of their normal tasks online. Work meetings, grocery shopping, and even banking services had to be conducted over the internet due to the COVID pandemic. Luckily for Americans, online banking was already a well-established, safe means of conducting financial transactions. While online banking and mobile banking may still seem like foreign concepts, 44 percent of people surveyed last year claim they are extremely comfortable with digital banking tools.It’s important for Americans of all ages to gain experience with online banking features so they can maintain control of their money and accounts even if they can’t physically visit a bank location. At Muncy Bank, we make accessing your account online safe, simple, and easy to navigate.

Online banking is everything from checking your balance on your home computer to depositing a paper check with just a photograph

What is online banking?

Online banking is everything from checking your account balance on your home computer to depositing a paper check with just a photograph on your phone. Online banking makes your life easier by saving you trips to the bank and time balancing your checkbook. Online banking is included with every Muncy Bank account and is free to use. Some banking actions that you can perform with online banking include:

  • Checking your account balances
  • Depositing your checks from home
  • Paying bills and scheduling payments
  • Transferring funds between different accounts

What are the major benefits of online banking?

Online banking offers many benefits to users of all ages. Once you start using electronic banking tools you’ll find they are easy to use. Here are the top four reasons to start using online banking today.

  1. Convenient. Make deposits, check account balances, transfer funds, and even reorder checks any day of the week, at any time of the day. You no longer have to visit your local community office during operating hours for simple financial transactions. This means less driving and less worrying about banking hours. 
  2. Time-Saving. With easy access to your accounts, it’s easier to track your balance and monitor your balances.  Mobile deposits and online transfers will also save you the time normally spent driving to and from the bank. 
  3. Secure. Muncy Bank’s electronic banking services were designed to keep you, our customers, safe. When customers follow normal internet safety precautions, mobile banking is a secure means to monitor and access your bank accounts.
  4. Automatic. Bill Payment through online banking allows you to schedule upcoming and recurring bill payments to debit your account automatically. With scheduled payments, you have one less thing to worry about each month. You’ll also save money on stamps and time spent at the post office. The AARP has tips to help older adults learn how to get started paying bills online.

Conducting your banking transaction from your own home without having to leave the house is the biggest major benefit of home banking!

How does mobile banking differ from online banking?

Electronic banking is banking that you perform over a secure internet connection. Mobile banking is a specific form of electronic banking that is performed on your smartphone. Mobile check deposit and mobile wallet are two features that require the use of mobile banking.
If you’re wondering how to deposit a check online, you’ll want to establish mobile banking on your phone. To begin mobile banking, download the smartphone app appropriate for your phone. The app is free and available for both Apple and Android Mobile check deposits are an easy way to deposit money into your account without driving up to the bank or ATM. 

Mobile check deposit and mobile wallet are two features that require the use of mobile banking.

What is a mobile wallet?

Another online payment feature you may wish to explore is mobile wallet. Mobile wallet allows you to pay for goods and services just by tapping your phone at the register. By loading your preferred payment method (debit card or credit card) onto your mobile wallet, you can make touchless payments at participating retailers. 

You can get the Mobile Wallet app through Apple, Google, or Samsung. Mobile Wallet doesn’t use your actual Muncy Bank debit card number, instead, a unique device account number is assigned, encrypted, and securely stored. Your debit card number is never shared or transmitted. Muncy Bank also offers credit cards that have zero fraud liability so you can go mobile with confidence. 

If you’re looking for more ways to incorporate electronic banking into your life, try People Pay. The P2P feature allows personal consumers to pay others directly through the Muncy Online Banking platform and mobile app. Whether you are splitting the check at dinner or contributing to a group gift, People Pay makes it easy to send money directly from your account to other people you know. 

Use mobile wallet to pay for goods and services just by tapping your phone at the register.

Is online and mobile banking safe?

Online banking is not a trendy new technology. A well-established and trusted banking service, online banking is designed to promote the user’s financial security. When you enter your passwords or other data online, the information is encrypted to protect your privacy. Anti-virus software is also present and kept up-to-date to protect you and the bank from the latest computer viruses and hackers. Muncy Bank also has out-of-bank authentication and biometrics in addition to other security parameters.  The online banking software also has firewalls built in to create security gates that control the flow of data in and out of the system.  

Muncy Bank has designed its online banking product to be a secure financial tool. As an online user, there are things you can do to protect your identity anytime you enter personal information online.

  • Update your passwords regularly
  • Lock your smartphone with a pin, pattern, or biometrics
  • Don’t use public Wi-Fi access
  • Don’t click on weblinks that come from unknown email addresses

People Pay allows you to pay others directly through the Muncy Bank online banking platform.

Get started with Online and Mobile Banking Today

Online banking provides security and convenience for your financial life. Whether you like to check your account balances from your computer or with a smartphone, instant access to your account information can reassure you that your finances are in order. Enrolling in online banking is simple and we can help walk you through the process. Soon you’ll be accessing your accounts on the Muncy Mobile Banking app and making mobile deposits from your kitchen table. Don’t hesitate to give us a call or visit your local community office in Muncy, Hughesville, Clarkstown, Montoursville, Dewart, Avis, Montgomery, and Linden. Online and mobile banking has never been easier. Start enjoying the benefits of home banking today! 

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