Checking accounts have evolved over the years and now offers many features to simplify and enhance your finances.

It’s probably hard to remember the last time you saw someone pull out a checkbook in the grocery store checkout line. Checking accounts used to be synonymous with writing paper checks and having to balance your checkbook. Over the past few years, credit card and debit card use has replaced check writing as a cash alternative. While paper checks aren’t used as much these days, checking accounts are still a liquid, convenient method of handling your day-to-day expenses. Behind the scenes, checking accounts work hard to deliver the money you use to pay your bills. At Muncy Bank, we believe a checking account is still a must-have for your financial portfolio. In fact, checking accounts have evolved over the years and now offer many features to simplify and enhance your finances. Here’s a peek at some of the checking account perks and benefits that are available to today’s customers.

Checking accounts have evolved over the years and now offer many features to simplify your finances and save money on every day expenses - Woman looking at her cell phone

What is a Checking Account with Benefits? 

There are a number of benefits of using a checking account. More than just a place to hold your money until you spend it, most checking accounts now come with debit card access. Paper checks are still available, of course, but debit cards and electronic bill payments have replaced the need for paper checks in many situations. A Muncy Bank debit card allows you to access your checking account funds and make purchases anywhere VISA® is accepted. 

While basic checking accounts generally provide zero-interest many checking accounts with benefits can offer interest, which means you are making money while your funds are securely deposited in your account. Checking accounts with benefits provide incentives and convenience that other accounts don’t offer. 

Common Checking Account Benefits 

Checking account benefits can vary by account type and financial institution. Depending on how you plan to use your checking account, certain benefits may appeal to you more than others. It's best to explore your local bank’s checking account offerings and find the benefits checking account that suits your spending habits. Some common checking accounts have the following benefits: 

  • Pay Interest:  Many checking accounts that include benefits also offer interest.  Your money is working for you while it sits securely in your account. 
  • Usable Benefits: Some checking accounts offer usable benefits such as discounts on shopping, dining, and other items you use every day.  
  • Easy Access to your account:  Modern checking accounts utilize electronic banking tools to save you time. Electronic bill payment allows you to make single or recurring payments from your checking account. Instead of mailing a check, you simply request the bank to send a payment on your behalf. If you have a check you need to deposit, the mobile deposit feature allows you to scan the check into your account without leaving your home or office. With Muncy Bank’s People Pay you can send money to friends, family, or other people you trust by using their bank account, email address, mobile number, or PayPal. Choosing a checking account with benefits you will use can help simplify your financial life.

Rewards checking accounts provide incentives and conveniences that other accounts don't offer.  This can include higher APY - Image of a debit card with a percentage sign and a gift graphic

Extra Benefits for Lycoming, Clinton and Northumberland County Customers 

At Muncy Bank, we believe in offering the best to our community members. With that goal in mind, we are proud to offer MyZing Checking. These unique checking accounts with benefits bring our customers discounts on everyday items and deliver the convenience and peace of mind you’ve come to expect from Muncy Bank. Unlike a basic checking account, MyZing Checking saves our customers money on shopping, dining, travel, health, and more. At Muncy Bank, The MyZing Checking account has the following benefits:

  • BaZing, a mobile app that offers discounts near you and provides mobile coupons you can scan at the register
  • Health savings card for discounts on prescriptions, eye exams, frames, lenses, and hearing services
  • 24/7 roadside assistance
  • Up to $800 in cell phone protection ($400 per claim) (1,2)
  • $5,000 in personal identity theft aid (1,2)
  • $10,000 in accidental travel death coverage (2)
  • $2,500 in buyer’s protection against theft or accidental breakage (1,2)

Don’t let your money sit inactive. In today’s world, your checking account can save you money on everyday expenses and even earn interest. While you enjoy the convenience of Muncy Bank’s Anywhere Banking Tools (online banking, mobile banking, bill payment, debit card, and E-statements), your My Basic, MyZing, or MyZing Plus checking account is working hard behind the scenes. This is one of the great benefits of using a checking account.

Unlike a basic checking account, MyZing Checking saves our customers on shopping, dining, travel, health, and more. - Image of a woman paying for an item with her debit card.

Choosing the Right Checking account with Benefits

With all the options available today, choosing the best benefit checking account can be difficult. Start by identifying checking accounts that offer benefits that fit into your lifestyle. Next, make a list of any fees or minimum account balances required by these accounts. If the account charges a maintenance fee, you’ll want to be sure the benefits are worth the maintenance fee. Compare the minimum balance requirement to your normal financial habits to find the best account for you.  

A checking account with benefits is only right if your lifestyle won’t incur high usage fees or monthly fees for not meeting the minimum balance. If you need help choosing a checking account, a knowledgeable Muncy Bank employee can help you find the right checking account for your lifestyle. 

A rewards checking with benefits is only right if your lifestyle won't incur high usage fees or monthly fees for not meeting the minimum balance - Woman using a calculator

Open a MyZing Checking Account and Start Enjoying the Perks

For the best checking account with usable benefits near you, look no further than Muncy Bank. As your hometown bank, our employees pride themselves on building lasting relationships throughout Central Pennsylvania. We created MyZing Checking Accounts to better serve our customer’s modern banking needs. Whether you are a new customer or current account holder, you can save money, earn interest, and eliminate your need for excess warranties and coverage with a MyZing checking account. Opening an account is fast and easy. Stop by one of our convenient locations in Muncy, Hughesville, Clarkstown, Montoursville, Dewart, Avis, Montgomery, Linden, and South Williamsport, or get in touch with us by phone or email. Find the right checking account for your lifestyle, and start enjoying the perks today!

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