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Commercial Lines of Credit

Ready to learn more about our commercial lines of credit? Contact Muncy Bank today by calling 570.546.2211 or visit one of our locations or speak with a commercial lender today.

Open a Line of Credit

Looking for a flexible way to access additional working capital when you need it? Muncy Bank’s commercial lines of credit make it easy and affordable for your company to finance extra expenses on its own terms. A business credit line offers the same on-demand access to capital as a business credit card, but with the ease of use of a checking account. Instead of charging expenses, you can write checks with your commercial line of credit or transfer funds directly into your business checking account. This convenience makes it possible to cover any kind of short-term expense, such as payroll, accounts payable, or inventory. Use your business line of credit during your seasonal slow times and pay it off when sales are up again. There is no obligation to use the line and you only pay monthly interest on the amount borrowed.

Benefits of Business Lines of Credit

Flexible: Once your application is approved, you are pre-authorized to borrow up to your credit limit. Use it right away or in a month or two--you have access to the capital you need when you need it.

Fast: You can use your business line of credit like a checking account. Transfer funds from your line to your checking account, write checks to vendors, or withdraw cash.

Cash Flow Management: Most small businesses aren’t sitting on piles of extra cash. Use your line strategically to manage cash flow so you can operate with the nimbleness required of a competitive marketplace.

Off-Season Working Capital: If your business is cyclical, a line of credit gives you access to cash in the off-season.

Lower Interest Rates: Borrowing from a business line of credit is usually more cost-effective than using a business credit card.

Convenient: Unlike a term loan, you can use your business credit line, pay it off, and use it again without needing to re-apply.

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Invested In Your Success

As a community bank since 1893, Muncy is dedicated to the success of small businesses in our region. Partner with us to grow your company with a business line of credit and other business banking services. We are proud of our local decision-making, flexible terms, and competitive rates. These features make it easier for us to lend to small and new businesses in the community. Give us a call today at 570.546.2211 or visit one of our 7 locations in Lycoming, Northumberland, and Clinton Counties to learn more about the ways in which your company can benefit from a business line of credit.

Open a line of credit today

Our business finance team is happy to assist you when applying for line of credit. Contact our lenders today by phone, or visit one of our locations to get started:

Meet our Commercial Lenders

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